The Women’s Guide to Health

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Healthy Eating/sleeping and Runwalking

We’re a couple of primary care docs with decades of experience teaching patients about common medical problems and how our everyday habits impact not only our own health, but also that of all those around us. We partnered with the well-known and loved running coach and Olympian Jeff Galloway to combine his established run- walk program with guidelines on healthy eating and sleeping.

The Women’s Guide to Health is based on medical evidence and made practical through input from experts in orthopedics, diabetes, heart disease, and public health. Use this book in conversation with your doctor.

Carmen Patrick Mohan, MD

Ruth M. Parker, MD


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The Women’s Guide to Health is especially for women whose main medical problem is listed here:

  1. high blood pressure

  2. high cholesterol or lipids (fat in the blood)

  3. heart disease

  4. osteoarthritis (aching bones or joints)

  5. breathing difficulties such as asthma or COPD

  6. diabetes

  7. anxiety/depression

In the book, we provide tips for having good talks with your doctor about meeting your health goals.

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Used in conversation with your doctor, our guide book sets you up for success in a 30-week program that meets you where you are. You and those around you will feel more energy, better connected, and an enhanced sense of well-being as you:

  1. Learn what to record and track—with pages for journaling!

  2. Get on track with healthy eating for you and your family—through tips on what to eat, how to shop and recipes.

  3. Find your healthy body weight and keep it.

  4. Get started on the proven Run/Walk/Run® program right for you.

  5. Start sleeping better.